Ingrown Hairs (Folliculitis)

Folliculitis is inflammation of the hair follicle and can be due to several factors including infection, ingrown hairs, and friction involving the hair follicle.


Symptoms of folliculitis include:

  • Bumps on the skin
  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Itching
woman plucking ingrown hair on knee.


Prevention and treatment of folliculitis usually requires identifying and avoiding the cause.

  • Infection
    • Wash areas daily. Consider antibacterial soaps.
    • Antibiotics or Anti-yeast medications may be necessary
  • Ingrown hairs
    • Shave after a shower or soaking areas with a warm, damp cloth to help soften the hairs
    • Shave in a consistent direction and avoid excessive pressure
  • Friction/Tension
    • Avoid pulling hair into tight braids for prolonged periods of time
    • Wear clothing that does not rub excessively

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