Vascular Birthmarks

Vascular birthmarks are very common in children. These birthmarks are made of blood vessels in the skin and can occur anywhere on the body. They are benign and most cause no harm.


The most common types of vascular birthmarks are:

  • Macular (flat) stains- flat & faint in color. Harmless and do not require treatment.
  • Hemangiomas- typically do not appear immediately at birth, but rapid growth generally begins during the first 6 weeks of life. After the 1st year, most will stop growing, turn white & disappear.
  • Port-wine stains- appear at birth and are flat, pink, red or have a purplish discoloration. Port-wine stains are permanent. Laser therapy can be helpful to lighten the color of port-wine stains and prevent thickening.


baby with a vascular birthmark on their face.


It is important to have all birthmarks evaluated by your child’s doctor, even though most are harmless and do not require treatment.

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