Common bacteria, some of which are found normally on the skin, cause impetigo. When the bacteria enter an open area in the skin, the infection can occur. The lesions are often grouped and have a red base. The lesions open and become crusty and have a “honey-color,” which is typical of impetigo.


Symptoms include:

  • reddish sores on skin
  • sores that grow into blisters
  • blisters that ooze
  • blisters or red sores that form a yellow crust

Impetigo may affect skin anywhere on the body but commonly occurs around the nose and mouth, hands, and forearms, and in the diaper area of young children. Symptoms typically appear within 4-10 days after contact with the bacteria. The 2 types of impetigo are non-bullous (crusted) and bullous (large blisters).


childs mouth with impetigo breakout.


Treatment may include:

  • For a child with many lesions, oral antibiotics may be prescribed
  • Topical antibiotic can also be used
  • Child should wash daily with an antibacterial soap
  • Keep fingernails short to help decrease the chance of scratching and spreading the infection
  • Avoid sharing of garments, towels, etc.

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