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Searching for a way to improve your profile and minimize your double chin?

Kybella is a safe, non-invasive treatment used to destroy fat cells and noticeably reduce the fullness under your chin that can make you look older or heavier than you are.

Kybella FAQ

Kybella is an injection that can dissolve fat cells and help minimize the appearance of a “turkey neck” or “double chin,” also known as submental fat. Here is some basic information that you should know about Kybella before scheduling your first treatment.

Does Kybella hurt? What does Kybella feel like?

Kybella is injected using an extremely small needle, and patients often report the medication does sting when receiving it, but the sensation lasts about five minutes or less. There is also some bruising-like sensation for a few days afterward.

Is there another non-invasive way to treat chin fullness?

CoolSculpting is another option for eliminating visible fat under your chin. During a consultation with one of our providers, we will examine your chin and help you figure out which treatment will help you get the best results. 

How can you save money on Kybella?

If you are enrolled in the free Alle program, let us know at check out. Your purchase with Dermatology Aesthetics will help you earn points and unlock exclusive rewards to help offset the costs of future Kybella treatments. Join Alle.

How do you know if Kybella is right for you?

Have questions? Unsure if this treatment will help you get the look you want? The most important decision you’ll make when considering Kybella is choosing a provider. For the best results, choose an experienced specialist with a solid understanding of facial anatomy. 

Book a consultation with one of our experienced injectors. During your assessment, we’ll answer questions, provide recommendations to help you kick your skincare up a notch, and let you know if you’re a good candidate for Kybella treatments.

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