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Exclusive Interview: Discover Allison’s Morpheus8 Before and After Secrets

client Allison day of Morpheus8 treatment versus one day after

Meet Allison, a 45-year-old balancing family life and a full-time job. She’s on a mission to defy the signs of aging and maintain her youthful appearance without surgery. Her latest proactive measure? Adding Morpheus8, an innovative skin-tightening procedure, to her beauty regime.

Photo: Allison immediately following procedure (left) and the next day (right). 

Q&A about Morpheus8 with Allison and Kim

In the following candid interview, Allison and licensed esthetician Kim Hash discuss what to expect before and after Morpheus8 and share how this innovative treatment is helping Allison age on her own terms.

When did you know you wanted to add cosmetic medicine to your beauty routine?

Allison: I’ve always used SPF daily to protect my face and keep it healthy because I want to do what I can to age gracefully. But, about eight years ago, I decided I wanted to do more.  

Because I work in the healthcare industry, I’m luckier than most. I know who the best providers are. This was a big advantage for me when I decided to start treatment about ten years ago. It made my choice easy. Dr. Bohyer and his team are just a level above in every aspect. My first treatment back in 2016 was Botox with Dr. Bohyer. His approach is to give you a refreshed look and maintain normal movement, and I’ve continued to get Botox with him.

I’ve also gotten hydrafacials with Kim. We’ve had a lot of conversations about my goal to age in the most natural-looking way. Kim is incredibly knowledgeable in every aspect you can think of. I appreciate that she relates to anything I tell her.

Kim: Yeah, Allison’s great. She’s easy to talk to, honest, and straightforward. We’ve known each other for a while now, so even if I’m not treating her, I always try to catch up when she comes through the office.

Allison: I think—because Kim is about the same age as me—she wants the same things I do for her skincare. She just gets it. I appreciate that. It makes a difference.

What about Morpheus8 appealed to you?

Allison: I remember getting more serious about Morpheus8 microneedling after attending the Dermatology Aesthetics open house last fall. I knew a little about it before, but talking to Kim about it there made me realize that it would be a good way to help me with my skincare goals. That evening, I made the decision.

Kim: Yeah, I remember we had talked a little about Morpheus8 before then, but it really was at that event that I could fully explain to Allison how fantastic the procedure is for fighting the aging process. I shared how it would give her the most correction—skin tightening and help with fine lines—of any treatment we offer.

client Allison in treatment with Dr. Kim with laughing gas tube and Morpheus8 machine

I imagine you had questions about Morpheus8 because you’d never had it before.

Allison: Yeah, I did. I wanted to know more about how Morpheus8 could help with skin tightness, minor wrinkles, discoloration, and even old small acne scars without a really invasive procedure. I was also curious to learn how long the treatment takes, including the numbing process.

Kim: I also remember Allison asking me about downtime with Morpheus8. It’s a common concern. Recovery time for Morpheus8 can vary from patient to patient. 

For most people, it’s only two to five days. But, in some unusual cases, if a patient’s skin overreacts to Morpheus8, their downtime can be up to two weeks. That doesn’t often happen, though.

Allison: Yes, that’s right. I am a wife and mom with kids in sports, plus I work full-time. I can’t just have a procedure and lay low for days at a time and have no one see me. I am out and about every second of every day, even on the weekends.

I was also so thankful they offered the Pro-Nox because so many offices do not, which is a game changer. That changed me from thinking about getting Morpheus8 to scheduling my first session. 

I knew it would not be the most pleasant procedure, and I was glad Pro-Nox was available to take the edge off and make it a completely different experience. And it did.

What stood out about your potential Morpheus8 results?

Allison: I loved knowing that Morpheus8 is a new type of microneedling that uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate your skin so that it will create its own new collagen. This is what helps your skin reduce its fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size. The idea that with this treatment, I could get these kinds of results—naturally without surgery—was appealing. 

Kim: What I hear most often is people like that Morpheus8 can help them tighten skin on the face, minimize acne scars, decrease wrinkles, help with loose skin on the neck, and treat sagging jowls.

What area did you get treated with Morpheus8?

Allison: I got Morpheus8 on my face and neck.

Kim: I remember Allison’s biggest aging concern was under her eyes. That was a focus point. My goal with her treatment was to help her stop the wrinkles there and keep everything smooth and tight.

Some of my patients get Morpheus8 on different parts of their body. I’ve helped others who want to treat stretch marks, cellulite, and little fatty bulges like pinchable fat.

What is it like to get Morpheus8 on your face and neck? What is the treatment experience like?

Kim: The first thing that happens is we apply a topical numbing to the treatment area. It’s on for almost an hour, so you can just rest in the room. After that, we’ll start the Morpheus8. Allison chose to use the Pro-Nox, which is basically like a laughing gas, for short-term anxiety relief and to help with the discomfort. It’s a 50/50 mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen that the patient inhales through a tube placed in their mouth.

Allison: Can I tell you something? I hadn’t had laughing gas since I was at the dentist as a kid. It was so calming. I was aware and coherent the whole time, which I appreciated, but I was completely relaxed because of the Pro-Nox. It took so much of the edge off of the pain. I also appreciated that I could drive myself home after the Pro-Nox stopped because I was completely back to normal within 10 minutes.

Kim: I started the Morpheus8 needling on Allison’s forehead and moved across the face down to the chin and rest of the neck area. The whole process takes about 45 minutes. Even with the Pro-Nox and numbing topical, all patients feel the treatment a little when it happens. When it’s over, you’re still a bit numb. Patients usually feel a burning sensation on their treated skin, similar to having a bad sunburn. You’ll also look red and sunburnt.

client Allison showing clear skin one month after Morpheus8 treatment

What was your Morpheus8 recovery like?

Allison: I have had two of my three treatments now. I was pleasantly surprised that I was only really red for the first day each time, and I was just pink 24 hours later after that. It looked like I had a slight sunburn, but it wasn’t enough to make me self-conscious.

I was able to go to work that Monday. I have worked in pharma for 20 years. Someone would have brought it up to me if my skin looked off. Even at my son’s basketball game, since I had no real signs on my face that I had something done, no one noticed.

I wasn’t really swollen, as you can be after getting other treatments like peels.

Photo: Allison, one month post Morpheus8 procedure.

What Morpheus8 benefits have you noticed so far?

Allison: My initial treatment was two months ago. My skin is already so much tighter with only two treatments. I’m going for my third and last treatment in April.

Kim: Patients like Allison typically see the first signs of improvement after one month, but it takes a little longer to see the full effects. Most don’t see their peak results until three to six months after their final Morpheus8 session.

Why did you choose Dermatology Aesthetics for your Morpheus8 treatment?

Allison: At Dermatology Aesthetics, they balance medical and cosmetic dermatology knowledge better than anyone else, and it shows in the results that every patient gets under their care. Their experience and expertise give me a lot of comfort. I trust them only to recommend what’s best for my skin.

In addition, Dermatology Aesthetics is always up to date with the latest and greatest procedures available. I appreciate and love that they always take the time to learn about what’s new. With them, patients are never limited in treatment options.

Kim: We offer many treatments, and that’s a selling point for us. You can get fillers or just dermaplaning. Many of our patients tell us they feel safe coming here because it’s a doctor’s office setting and there’s a physician on hand. They like that we’re all well-trained and educated about all the different procedures.

Allison: It’s not just that Dr. Bohyer is an experienced, board-certified dermatologist. He’s also hired the best experts, like Kim, to help him provide the best possible care to all of his patients.

What would you say to someone considering Morpheus8 or other treatment from Dermatology Aesthetics?

Allison: I’ve actually told my family and friends to go and try Dermatology Aesthetics because everyone at the practice is thoughtful, thorough, honest, patient, and calm—true professionals in every way—and I’ve gotten great results. I know there are other good injectors, but Dr. Bohyer is so great at what he does that most people don’t realize I’ve had Botox because my face can move naturally. Now, after getting Morpheus8 with Kim, I look even more refreshed and ageless.

Everyone at Dermatology Aesthetics is so good. They’ll give you all the answers you need. All of my interactions have been welcoming. It’s a place you’ll want to go to. If you’re hesitant, don’t worry. They’ll put you at ease once you’re there.

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