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Morpheus8 microneedling: What happens when you get this popular skin treatment

Gloved provider administering Morpheus8 microneedling treatment on male patient.

Looking for a way to get firmer, healthier-looking skin? Then Morpheus8 microneedling might be right for you.

If you’re considering a Morpheus8 treatment, you’re probably wondering what to expect when seeing a professional for an appointment to get this innovative procedure. And, who better to provide insights about this procedure than Dr. Christopher Bohyer? He’s one of the only providers here in Central Indiana with experience helping patients feel more confident and look their best with this cutting-edge treatment.

In this article, Dr. Bohyer walks you through the ins and outs of Morpheus8 microneedling. You’ll learn how microneedling with radiofrequency works and what happens during treatment. 

Plus, he will share his expert tips on preparing before your appointment to ensure you get the best results (and also let you know a bit about what happens during the healing process). Read on for everything you need to know before you book an appointment.

Morpheus8 microneedling FAQ

How does microneedling with Morpheus8 work?

Dr. Bohyer: Morpheus8 microneedling is one of the latest laser skin treatments available. It uses a new device to provide controlled injury to your skin to induce growth factors and other healing agents to promote the repair of your skin. 

In addition to regular microneedling, Morpheus8 utilizes radiofrequency that heats the deeper layers of the skin and stimulates collagen growth and development. 

Microneedling with Morpheus8 allows us to care for the skin in ways that weren’t available before without surgery. This includes skin tightening—especially around the jawline, eyes, and mouth.

What I love about this newer technology is that by itself (or with other interventions, such as fillers), patients can get noticeably younger, healthier, and tighter-appearing skin. 

In addition, Morpheus8 microneedling can be used in other areas where tightening is desired and treatment of scars and stretchmarks (striae) are of concern.

Patient receiving Morpheus8 microneedling treatment from female provider.

How do you prepare before a treatment?

Dr. Bohyer: Like many of our procedures, preparation includes staying out of the sun and not having any significant tanning, which can affect the healing time and success of the Morpheus8.

Stopping topical retinoids three days before treatment and two weeks after treatment can help the healing process.

Avoiding makeup and sun exposure for one week afterward will also promote healing.

Does Morpheus8 microneedling work for skin tightening?

Dr. Bohyer: Yes! 

At our practice, we always hold an initial consultation appointment to assess new patients before scheduling your first Morpheus8 microneedling appointment.

In that consultation, we’ll talk with you and make a plan to determine which interventions available at our practice will best help you reach your desired outcomes. We take this step to ensure that each Morpheus8 candidate gets the best possible results.

If this treatment won’t help you reach your goals, no problem. We’ll just discuss other viable options.

What happens during the procedure?

Dr. Bohyer: Our Morpheus8 microneedling device is placed on the skin during your treatment. The part of the wand that touches your body is approximately the same size as a penny or the face of a six-sided die. 

Once placed, the device is activated. The needles quickly enter the skin. Then, the radiofrequency is discharged, and the needles retract. This entire process happens in less than a second. 

The depth of the Morpheus8 microneedling varies depending on the desired results you’d like to achieve. It may also be influenced by the size of the area of the body your doctor or experienced aesthetician is treating. 

Sometimes, I will also go over the same locations more than once at different depths, depending on your goals and body area.

Is Morpheus8 microneedling painful?

Dr. Bohyer: Morpheus8 microneedling is one of our more aggressive interventions for resurfacing and one the best for skin tightening. As such, it requires topical numbing medication for 30-60 minutes before the treatment. You might feel some mild discomfort, but the numbing medication we’ll apply helps reduce this to a tolerable level.

In addition, we use Pronox, an inhaled mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen which allows patients to remain coherent throughout the procedure. It wears off in 10 minutes. 

What will I look like immediately after?

Dr. Bohyer: After Morpheus8 treatment, you can expect to typically have a bit of pinpoint bruising (where the needles have entered). On average, you will also have some redness and swelling that lasts from four days to a week.

What can you expect during the healing process?

Dr. Bohyer: You don’t need to limit your activities after getting a Morpheus8 microneedling treatment, but—initially—you may want to reconsider any social engagements if it would matter that your skin appears red and slightly swollen.

In terms of pain after the treatment, my patients report that it feels similar to sunburn, although patients can experience various responses.

Why Morpheus8 is a trending patient favorite

Patients love Morpheus8 microneedling for its ability to rejuvenate the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars. 

With minimal downtime and customizable treatment options, this innovative procedure can help you achieve a more youthful and radiant complexion. By stimulating your body’s natural healing process, Morpheus8 promotes collagen and elastin production, resulting in firmer, smoother, and healthier-looking skin. 

Whether you’re looking to address specific skincare concerns or simply want to enhance your natural beauty, Morpheus8 is a great choice.

Dermatology Aesthetics: The best Morpheus8 microneedling provider in Greenwood

Now that you know what happens before, during, and after a Morpheus8 treatment, we hope you feel ready to take the next step in your skincare journey. 

By choosing this safe, effective, and customizable treatment, you can achieve smoother, firmer, and more radiant skin in just a few sessions.

If you want to try Morpheus8 microneedling for yourself, consider Dermatology Aesthetics.

Book an appointment with one of our specialists to determine if you might be a good candidate for this treatment. Our experts will work with you to create a personalized plan that addresses your unique skincare concerns and goals. We can’t wait to help you achieve the glowing, youthful skin you deserve.

To schedule your appointment, call us at 317-931-3905 today. 

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