Hello and welcome to our new dermatology website

    Dermatology Inc. website displayed on mobile deviceOur new dermatology website is here, and it’s a sleeker, faster-to-load, and more intuitive experience—whether you’re on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer.

    The redesigned Dermatology, Inc. website features significant upgrades in content and design that you’ll love, including improvements that make it easier than ever to:

    • connect with our providers,
    • explore different service offerings,
    • make an appointment,
    • find a location near you,
    • and more!

    In addition, the new website also provides a better explanation of who we are and what our mission is as a practice. Read on to learn more about how our dermatology website redesign benefits patients.


    Go behind-the-scenes of the redesign project with Dermatology, Inc.’s practice administrator, Khristi Autajay, RDN. Her responses—below—have been condensed for length.

    Why did Dermatology, Inc., redesign its website?

    The old site was not mobile-friendly, and it was hard to find information. Everything before was lumped into all conditions. 

    We worked with TBH Creative, an Indianapolis-based healthcare web design agency, on this important project because of their reputation and Dr. Stephens’ past successful partnership with them.

    What new features will patients love the most?

    Being able to offer online scheduling and bill pay are two significant changes that we’re excited about. In fact, the latter has been so popular that we’ve seen online appointment requests double since launching. These were important features to give to our patients.

     Patients don’t have to call or mail in a check. Now they can do all those things online. It’s great!

    We want things to be easier for patients to find what they are looking for and have the tools they need when they come to our website. Plus, with our improved navigation and content organization, patients can more quickly do tasks like finding the closest location or seeing which provider offers treatment for different conditions

    What does the staff think about the new site?

    Everyone definitely likes it a lot better. Because we expanded the details provided on the website, patients don’t have to call as frequently for basic information. Plus, the new look represents us much better, and it’s easier now for patients to understand who we are and get to know the size and scale of our organization, which is a real win.

    See the difference for yourself

    Visitors to our updated website now have everything they need at their fingertips. Explore our new site, and tell us what you think.