Warts are skin growths caused by a common viral infection. Warts are contagious, but most people are not very susceptible to the wart virus. It is more common for people to spread warts on themselves then to pass them to other people. The wart virus is very weak, and the body does not fight it but instead spreads by growing more warts. Usually warts do not hurt however warts on the bottom of the feet (plantar warts), around nails or in the nose may be painful.

Treatment Options: There is no medication that directly kills the wart virus and there is no single treatment that has a 100% cure rate. Treatments used to destroy warts are: acid on the skin (such as Compound W), freezing of warts with Liquid Nitrogen, creams which make the wart become irritated or peel off, cutting, burning and laser treatment. Many factors are considered when deciding the best treatment plan which will be discussed with your provider.

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